Reiki (energy therapy) is healing through Universal Life Energy.  This pure energy of spirit should flow freely within our bodies.  When we experience physical or emotional traumas such as disease, stress, loss, suppressed feelings or fear, either in past or present situations, this energy flow becomes restricted or blocked.

Our bodies react to these energy blocks by making us susceptible to spiritual disconnection, disease, emotional/mental disorders, and perceived inabilities to cope and move forward with our health and life.

During an energy therapy session the energy of the issues are drawn out from the client through the practitioner’s hands and the opposite energy is then integrated. For example, if a pattern of anger is released then the energy of forgiveness would be drawn in to replace it.  During a session a person may feel a sense of deep relaxation. This is a meditative state or tingly sensation on parts or the whole body, heat from the practioner’s hands, visions or colours, emotional release, resolutions to a situation. Following a session a client may experience one or more of the following: sense of well being, emotional stability, renewed energy, a feeling of serenity, mental clarity and enhanced awareness.

A person need not be spiritual or religious to benefit from Energy Therapy, all that is required is an open mind.

ENERGY SESSIONS are  1 hour long and the cost is $65.00


Is a healing modality that combines Yin Yoga and Reiki (Energy Therapy).

Yin yoga advocates the gentle stretch and release of the connective tissues which do not stretch or respond to brief stresses as muscles will, so Yin postures are held for longer, with the muscles relaxed. Acupuncture meridians are also present in the connective tissues.  Yin Yoga is specifically designed to stimulate as well as aid the meridians and the flow of energy through the connective tissue.

Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy) is administered by the laying on hands.  This life force energy is what gives us life, if one’s life force energy is low or blocked, then one is more susceptible to illness and feeling of stress, and if this chi is high then one is more capable of achieving well being and joy.  In combining the two practices the benefits of each practice is amplified.

During the treatment the client is dressed in comfortable clothing.  The treatment is performed on a yoga mat or Reiki table depending on the needs of the client.  Each session will begin with a short consultation assessing the needs of the client, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination.  Then the practitioner will assist the client into the appropriate pose and commence administration of Reiki. Each pose will be held for approximately 1-3 minutes depending on the needs of the client.  During the session the client will be asked to follow appropriate breathing techniques to still the mind and calming the body.  Thus becoming acutely aware of what the body and soul are communicating.

This combination has profound benefits to the mind, body and soul.

The cost for a session is $65.00 and the duration is approximately 1hour long.


Dora Boukouris