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An exercise program that is functional will progressively strengthen the whole body assisting with the movements needed for day to day living.  It also helps to prevent injury as the body ages keeping us stronger, agile,joyful and independent. It’s the secret to anti-aging.

A functional exercise program will also enhance performance, adaptability and help prevent injuries in sports and other exercise programs such as yoga, pilates, dance, karate..etc..

Life is movement, so why not move with Life?

What you will get from Personal Training with Nurturing You is a functional fitness program which will include nutritional counselling that will be personalized to suit your specific needs.

Each fitness program will consists of  1. Flexibility to prevent and to ease restricted and altered joint movement 2. Stability to prevent and help with back injury, to improve posture, and for ease of movement. Resistance training for muscular strength and endurance.  This will not result in large muscles in women but will make the body stronger, fitter and more agile with a toned physiques.  This will also result in a healthy muscle to fat ratio.

The benefits of exercising with Nurturing You  is receiving a personal approach in the privacy of a home setting.  I will motivate, encourage  and support you.  You will reach your goals sooner than on your own with an efficient, effective and safe program. Oh and did I mention FUN!!

Results you can expect:
80% better results then training on your own
Look and feel better
Increased energy
Increased strength and stamina
Increased self esteem
Improve heart health
Improve skin elasticity
Improved range of motion
Improved agility
Faster muscle recovery
Improve and maintain bone density
Strengthen muscles, joints and ligaments
Better recovery from illness, stress and surgery

As a woman, and in many cases as a “Mom”, you juggle priorities, schedules and numerous tasks on a daily basis. For someone to say that someone is a “busy mom” is redundant – “busy” is an understatement and I am going to suggest you get busier. Not possible you say – not an option, I say! Exercise is so important – believe it or not, if you take some “exercise time” for you – it will make you healthier and happier.

To start, you need to move passed any guilt. As women, we constantly set our needs aside in order to meet the many and competing demands of our lives and often put everyone else ahead of ourselves to make sure that the kids, our husband or partner, parents, friends and even the dog (in my case two!) have what they need. Most days it seems like there is not even one moment – no present time – for us. Yet, we know, and often physically feel, the results of our own self-neglect in efforts to always being there for others. That means we put ourselves last, and it’s not good for our health.

Amazingly by putting ourselves first sometimes, we get better at all that other stuff. When we look after our own health — when we make it a top priority — positivity flows and good things happen.
Here are some of the very important reasons why you should take some “me time” to exercise

You’ll have more energy ~ Exercising will up your energy levels and increase your endurance level. When you first start to exercise, you will feel tired only because your body is adjusting to a change. Eventually, your body will recover faster and faster after a workout and your energy will pick up automatically.
You’ll be around longer ~ If you work on improving your health, you can dramatically increase your life expectancy so that you’re there for the kids, the grandkids, and even the great-grandkids.
You’ll be less stressed ~ Moms who are stressed out can be a little grouchy. Dads too, of course. Stress can make us hard to live with, and exercise is a proven stress reliever. It boosts mood and makes you a happier person. You’ll be a lot more fun to be around if you become a regular exerciser. Not to say that you’re not fun now; you’ll just be even more fun.
You’ll get a chance to do something for you ~ Exercising with the family is fun, but there is also a lot of value in doing it by yourself or with a friend. When you’re with husband and kids you’re still in “Mom mode” and getting away from that can give you a valuable opportunity to recharge your body and your brain.
You’ll become a role model ~ Childhood obesity rates are skyrocketing, and it’s not the kids’ fault. Parents are the ones who have to control this, and getting active is an important first step in getting control of your eating behaviours. Exercise can act as a gateway behaviour to better eating. Not only can you becoming a workout warrior get the rest of the family to adopt exercise, it can result in dramatic changes in what everyone eats in your family as well. Everyone’s health will benefit.

Nurturing You focuses on a holistic wellness approach to health that recognizes the interdependent and connected components of life – body, mind and soul. We consider the “whole system” rather than just concentrating on individual components combining nutrition, exercise, yoga and energy therapy into custom packages tailored to your true needs.

To start we will meet to discuss your needs, objectives and aspirations. Together we will set attainable goals and implement a program that will fit with you. This program will be adaptable and will change as you move from one fitness level to the next regardless of your current level of activity. I will motivate and coach you through techniques that are proven to keep you on track. We can work together at Nurturing You or I can provide training in your own home.

“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly.”
Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C