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A quiet practice

It is my pleasure to introduce to you to a style of Yoga that has the most profound benefits for the mind body and soul (heart).

I will do my best to explain this practice to you however to truly understand the depth of the benefits, the inner healing and wisdom that comes from a regular practice you need to experience this yourself.

Yin Yoga targets the connective tissues (ligaments, bones and joints of the body) not exercised to a great extent with the more vigorous forms of yoga or exercise.  This style of yoga is suitable for most levels of students and is a perfect complement to any dynamic style of yoga or fitness routine.  Anything with dynamic force will put emphasis on internal heat, lengthening and contracting our muscles.

The principal of Yin Yoga is to stretch the connective tissue so that the body will respond by making the tissue a little longer and stronger.  This is done by holding the poses for longer periods a minimum of 3 minutes, the average being 5 minutes in most classes.  The postures are held with relaxed muscles otherwise the connective tissue will not get worked, but the muscles will.

Connective tissue is most concentrated at the joints; if you don’t use your full range of joint flexibility the tissue shortens restricting a lot of activities.

The Connective tissue is thought to correspond to the meridians of acupuncture,  when the flow of vital energy (chi, prana) is blocked our body eventually manifest in physical problems.  If yoga posture help us go deep into the body to release blocks or gently stimulate the flow of chi then Yin Yoga serves well to help you get the greatest possible benefit from yoga practice.


Is a healing modality that combines Yin Yoga and Reiki (Energy Therapy).

Yin yoga advocates the gentle stretch and release of the connective tissues which do not stretch or respond to brief stresses as muscles will, so Yin postures are held for longer, with the muscles relaxed. Acupuncture meridians are also present in the connective tissues.  Yin Yoga is specifically designed to stimulate as well as aid the meridians and the flow of energy through the connective tissue. Reiki (spiritually guided life force energy) is administered by the laying on hands.  This life force energy is what gives us life, if one’s life force energy is low or blocked, then one is more susceptible to illness and feeling of stress, and if this chi is high then one is more capable of achieving well being and joy.

In combining the two practices the benefits of each practice is amplified.

During the treatment the client is dressed in comfortable clothing.  The treatment is performed on a yoga mat or Reiki table depending on the needs of the client.  Each session will begin with a short consultation assessing the needs of the client, be it physical, emotional, spiritual or a combination.  Then the practitioner will assist the client into the appropriate pose and commence administration of Reiki. Each pose will be held for approximately 1-3 minutes depending on the needs of the client.  During the session the client will be asked to follow appropriate breathing techniques to still the mind and calming the body.  Thus becoming acutely aware of what the body and soul are communicating.

This combination has profound benefits to the mind, body and soul.

The cost for a session is $65.00 and the duration is approximately 1.15 hours long.