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“Dora is wonderful at what she does. Combining her unique talents with a wide collection of knowledge her focus is completely on you and your well being. She guided me through my yin yoga session with reiki and did so with confidence that made me feel more secure about doing yoga for the first time. With gentle guidance on positions and technique the session was personalized to me and how far I was able to go. She was motivating and intuitively knew where to channel reiki on areas that were more tense. After the session my back pain had drastically lessened, I felt completely relaxed and peaceful. Thank you Dora for such a wonderful session!” Kayla Yetman

My workout classes with Dora have made such a difference in not only how I feel but also how I look! With the aid of Dora and her full body circuit training class, I have dropped 25lbs and feel stronger and better than I have in a long time. I can feel and see the difference in my body from week to week! I look forward to the workouts because not only are they fun but with Dora there to ensure that we are all doing the proper form for each exercise I know I am maximizing my results and lowering the chances of injuring myself. Dora will let you know if you are not doing an exercise correctly and will show you the proper way of doing it. where else can you get that! If you are looking to achieve results and workout in an environment that is more private with the aid of a personal trainer who also happens to know a lot about nutrition, than Nurturing You is the place to be. Thank you Dora! Diana Arthurs

Dora’s attentive and caring nature allowed me to frankly and openly share my very personal health concerns. She went above and beyond what I would have expected from a nutritional and health consultant. She followed up regularly and made me feel cared for much like what you might receive from a good friend. Her counsel guided my recovery and opened a new avenue to health for me.
Hugs- Corinne

I have known Dora for about 12 years and she is one of my closest friends. Dora’s best qualities are her genuine, loving and honest personality,her loyalty and integrity as a true friend. She has always been a well balanced human being and inspires everyone around her with her positive approach to life with tools of spirituality, faith and hope and relentless optimism.

She is gifted with a great capacity to encourage, motivate, help heal, offer support and advice whether it’s dealing with the journey of life or right down to diet and exercise and overall well being. She is extensively trained in diet, exercise, supplements, and in natural / spiritual health healing approaches.

If you are working with Dora, I can personally assure you that you are in GREAT HEALING HANDS and your best interests are always Dora’s main concern, whether you are a friend or a client.
Devon Niko

I worked with Dora both as a spin instructor and as a personal trainer. She is highly motivating and one of her best quality is that she makes exercise fun. Unlike many fitness trainers, she doesn’t use the standard weight machines available at the gym, but creates a work out for you using free weights, medicine balls and various other equipments. It gives you confidence and makes you feel strong. Because she is in such good physical shape herself, she is also an inspiration.
Guylaine Ure

There are some people that fall into career paths and end up sticking it out because its what they know. There are others who find themselves in a career because it is who they are. Having known Dora for over 7 years and having the luxury to work along side her for many, it is evident as to why Dora does what she does! Dora brings years of experience, a broad spectrum of knowledge and most importantly a tremendous amount of passion to her profession that very few trainers have. Her willingness to continue to learn and search for answers distinguishes her from many of the run of the mill personal trainers out there at most fitness facilities. I would recommend working with Dora to get you on the right path towards a life of health and vitality.
Joe Arko

Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Canadian National Kickboxing Team

I began training with Dora about seven years ago. At that time I had serious issues with arthritis, posture and flexibility. Beyond feeling an instant bond with Dora due, in part at least, to her intense interest in her clients, I also knew that Dora had the skills and knowledge to put me back to a pain-free, healthy life. Dora was always encouraging without pressuring and my time with her had only positive results. I assure you that you will feel the same.
Catherine Van Loon


I just completed a Reiki Yin Yoga session with Dora. With every stretch and every breath I felt fabulous. The session allowed me to connect with my body through breath and a focus on the moment. Dora’s healing hands worked wonders. The session was stellar and I walked out the door with a smile on my face from a deep sense of happiness.

Cheryl B